Welcome to the Clancy Group Website!

Computational Research Focus

The Clancy group uses computational approaches to mathematically model and simulate the atomistic and molecular behavior of materials. We like to categorize our work into four main areas of research:

(1) Advanced Organic Materials (covalent organic frameworks and antibacterial oligomers)
(2) Algorithm Development (force field development, machine learning, and Bayesian optimization)
(3) Electronic Materials (particularly III-V semiconducting materials)
(4) Nucleation and Crystal Growth (hybrid organic/inorganic perovskites and quantum dot nanocrystals)

We enjoy a virtually unique focus on studies of advanced materials processing and nucleation. In particular, we are very interested in the links between processing to structure to function. Take a look at our research overviews on these projects for a glimpse at the wide variety of fields we are studying!

Interested in this research? We are always looking for new undergraduate, masters and PhD researchers. Direct all inquiries to Prof. Paulette Clancy, at pc@icse.cornell.edu.