Welcome to the group! Fall 2016

Andrew Ruttinger

Andrew Ruttinger

We are delighted to add six new members to the Clancy group for AY 2016-17. MS/PhD candidate Andrew Ruttinger is a BS ChE graduate from McGill University in Canada. He was a RISE/DAAD research intern at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany and an active member of the student council. Ms. Haili Jia is an MS student who is working with mentor Jingyang Wang to look at accelerated search algorithms for random III-V alloys.

We are delighted to add four sophomore chemical engineering students: Mr. Jason Liu, Ms. Jee Won Yang, Mr. Spencer Hong, and Ms. Mia Mishaan. Jason Liu is working with Mardochee Reveil on III-V materials, Jee Won is working with Henry Herbol on quantum dot simulations, Spencer Hong will be working with Blaire Sorenson on lead halide perovskites. In the spring, Mia Mishaan will begin a new project on organic electronic materials.

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