Tori Sorg Awarded the R.F. Smith School’s Highest Honor for Research Excellence

tori_outreachVictoria (Tori) Sorg received the Austin hooey award for Fall 2016 in recognition of the excellence of her thesis research. Tori gave a departmental seminar on Dec. 5th on her experimental work to increase dopant activation in InGaAs materials. The award also requires a compelling case for the honoree’s service to the department and the community. Tori’s commitment to the CBE Grad Women’s Group and to mentoring a host of students, many of whom have now matriculated to PhD programs across the country, was a key part of her success in securing this prestigious award.

Tori is an NSF Graduate Fellow, and Intel Graduate Fellow. She will graduate in May 2017 and join Intel Corp. where she is surely poised for future success.