Stevenson Undergraduate Researcher News

Please welcome to the group a new undergraduate student, Warren Crowell, who will be undertaking research in James Stevenson’s burgeoning sub-group. Warren just received College of Engineering funding from Intel via the ELI (Engineering Learning Initiatives). He will be starting in the summer and working on developing models for organic-inorganic hybrid materials, such as the PbS and PbSe quantum dot precursors and the PbI/Cl-based perovskites. Warren is a dual major in ChE and CS.

In additional news, two of James’s team, Jovana and James R., will be leaving us for the summer to take up internship positions. Jovana will be at Northwestern and James will be at a solid fuel cell start-up in California called Bloom Energy. Good luck to them both!

Undergraduate Awards


Jovana Andrejevic, an undergrad in the Clancy group, has won this year’s College of Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) Undergraduate Research Award. The award will be presented to her at CEAA’s annual awards banquet on April 24th, 2015. Jovana has been doing an outstanding job on the lead chalcogenide modeling studies with her mentor, James Stevenson, and should get a first-author publication from her results.

Cornell MSE Megan Hill

Megan Hill, senior in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, has won the NSF Graduate Fellowship. Megan is an undergrad experimental collaborator with the III/V materials group.  This prestigious national award will support her graduate career for three years wherever she goes.

NSF Graduate Fellowship Winners

Congratulations to Taha Ezzyat for winning a three-year NSF Graduate Fellowship. Taha continues the recent success of the Clancy group in winning NSF Fellowships, most recently to Tori and Alexandra.

In addition, congratulations to Henry Herbol for receiving an Honorable Mention.

Both Taha and Henry will receive XSEDE allocation of cycles for their research.